evismo RespiFlex 

Convenient respiratory polygraphy brings simple sleep apnea diagnostics to your medical practice.
For general practitioners. And specialists.

Comfortable, efficient and insured.

 Your advantages with RespiFlex



Convenient sensors and accessories for simple use for patients at home.

Simple reporting

The medical practice receives the pneumology report three days after the end of measurement. For pneumologists, an intuitive dashboard is available for simple and efficient reporting. 

Covered in basic insurance

The required number of RespiFlex kits are available free of charge. The service is covered in basic insurance. Billing is based on Tarmed.

RespiFlex records these parameters

Respiratory flow
Breathing effort (thorax and abdomen)
Sleeping position
Pulse rate
Oxygen saturation
ECG (optional) 

Analysis Software

Supports efficient analysis and automatic apnea detection thanks to built-in algorithms – optimised for pneumological reporting. 

With RespiFlex you bring medical care directly into patients' daily lives in a cost-efficient and focused way. Together, we improve access, prevention, therapy, and diagnostics.

How it works

 Our respiratory polygraphy RespiFlex offers convenient sleep apnea diagnosis. The process is simple for medical practices as well as for patients. The sensor will be given to the patient on site. Patients put on RespiFlex at home for one night using the provided guidance and instructions. Once back at the medical practice, the data will be uploaded and evismo checks the data quality. The data will then be analysed by Swiss pneumologists within three days. General practitioners then discuss the diagnosis and the further steps with the patient. 


Simple overview of respiratory polygraphy RespiFlex for

General practitioners and cardiologists

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Simple overview of respiratory polygraphy RespiFlex for

Specialists in pneumology

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Diagnose sleep apnea now directly in
your medical practice.

Data security

evismo transmits and analyzes patient:s medical vital signs data. Wireless transmission of ECG data to our Swiss evismo system is done via the included smartphone using the end-to-end integrated Bittium Secure Suite TM Secure continuous communication of all patient data is thus always guaranteed. No patient data is kept on sensor or smartphone. Patient data is kept and transmitted (pseudonymized) on separate systems in Switzerland. evismo uses the world's most secure mobile communication solution, which is approved up to the "confidential" security level (NCSA-FI).  

evismo works with Swiss market leaders for data transmission and storage. Communication is carried out using the Swiss security standard of the Health Info Network (Hin.ch). The data can be deleted at any time upon request. Both the sensors and the analysis systems are approved as medical devices.