Measure with the evismo StressCheck the heart rate variability (HRV) of your patients and recognize - and quantify - sleep issues, stress or burnout.

Simple, convenient and directly in your medical practice.
Or at your company

The evismo StressCheck​

Medical precision

Get an objective mental health assessment and diagnose sleep issues, stress and burnout.
For your patients. Or your employees.

Simple diagnostics

Intuitive dashboard and clear reports for easy StressCheck diagnostics.

Efficient handling

Put on the small sensor for the StressCheck. HRV data is recorded. Diagnostic report is generated automatically or by an external occupational physician.

Diagnostics Software

Supports efficient analysis of HRV data and assessment of mental health thanks to built-in algorithms.

evismo Auto-Report

An automatic diagnostic report is generated at the touch of a button.

Diagnostic report from the analysis tool

Create a diagnostic report yourself - supported by the intuitive analysis dashboard.

Diagnosis by occupational physician

An external occupational health team prepares the diagnostic report.

Offer patients in your medical practice or 
employees in your company a simple stress check now.

Data security 

evismo transmits and analyzes patient:s medical vital signs data. Wireless transmission of ECG data to our Swiss evismo system is done via the included smartphone using the end-to-end integrated Bittium Secure Suite TM . Secure continuous communication of all patient data is thus always guaranteed. No patient data is kept on sensor or smartphone. Patient data is kept and transmitted (pseudonymized) on separate systems in Switzerland. evismo uses the world's most secure mobile communication solution, which is approved up to the "confidential" security level (NCSA-FI).

evismo arbeitet für Datenübermittlung und -speicherung mit Schweizer Marktführern. Die Kommunikation wird mit Hilfe des Schweizer Sicherheitsstandards des Health Info Network ( durchgeführt. Die Daten können auf Anfrage jederzeit gelöscht werden. Sowohl die Sensoren wie auch die Analysesysteme sind als Medizinprodukt zugelassen.