Interview with Dr. med. Eva Schibli-Kaspar, DoktorHaus Fislisbach

Specialist FMH for general internal medicine

Our aim is to promote the exchange of experiences among our customers through interviews with GPs, cardiologists and medical practice assistants. This enables us to work together to improve the patient experience, increase the diagnostic yield and demonstrate various possible applications. 

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Dr Eva Schibli-Kaspar, FMH specialist in general internal medicine, about the use of CardioFlex in GP practices.

Dr. med. Eva Schibli-Kaspar
Specialist FMH for general internal medicine

«Now with evismo CardioFlex it's even faster and more convenient.»

How long have you been using the CardioFlex long-term ECG service at DoktorHaus Fislisbach?

We discovered evismo at the GP congress in Lucerne. We have been using CardioFlex for around three years, since December 2020, and are very satisfied - as are our patients. 

How many CardioFlex kits do you use at DoktorHaus?

Five doctors work at DoktorHaus Fislisbach and we have five CardioFlex kits in use.  

Why did you choose CardioFlex?

Clearly because of the rapid diagnostics. 

We used to have to refer our patients with cardiac arrhythmias to hospital, which was cumbersome and often took weeks before we had results. We then ordered ECG devices through our laboratory, which sped up the process somewhat.

Now with evismo CardioFlex it's even faster and more convenient.

We always have ECG devices available in our practice. If someone shows symptoms, such as dizziness, the device can be put on immediately. The patient wears it for a few days and we receive the diagnostic report three days after completion. 

Are there other advantages to using CardioFlex?

Yes, the failure of ECG measurements is history. I used to often receive the message: Recording 2 hours, then poor quality. Then I had to repeat the ECG measurement.

With evismo CardioFlex, ECG data is continuously available online and evismo carries out daily technical and medical checks. The patient is contacted directly in the event of problems. 

Are there also disadvantages?

We have not detected any. 

CardioFlex has proven to be reliable for us and the service from evismo is excellent. 

You mentioned that your patients are satisfied with CardioFlex. Can you explain this in more detail? 

Our patients appreciate the comfort of CardioFlex, especially in comparison to older, bulkier devices. With CardioFlex, patients can continue their everyday lives without restrictions, which is very valuable for diagnostics. 

How long do you take ECG measurements, how often and for which cases are your CardioFlex kits used? 

Compared to the past, CardioFlex gives us the flexibility to decide whether a 24-, 48- or 72-hour measurement is appropriate. Our kits are in constant use as they offer an efficient and cost-effective diagnostic option. CardioFlex also significantly shortens the waiting time until the cardiologist's examination. 

So CardioFlex has changed cardiological care? 

Yes, even stroke centres in hospitals now use it for post-stroke checks, as it has proved so successful.

Thank you very much for the interesting interview!


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