evismo receives Innosuisse certificate and thus confirms 'readiness' for sustainable growth

By completing the Innosuisse Core Coaching Programme, we were able to apply for the Innosuisse Certificate. In 2022, only 33 out of 284 start-ups received the prestigious Innosuisse Certificate. These start-ups undergo a rigorous Innosuisse evaluation process sse, which analyses and assesses their innovative capacity (IP due diligence), financial performance (financial due diligence) and management structures.

We are proud to have successfully completed this assessment and are delighted to be certified by Innosuisse as a start-up that is 'ready' for sustainable growth.

evismo thus joins an illustrious circle of well-known Swiss start-ups such as findet sich damit in einem erlauchten Kreis von bekannten Schweizer Startups wie Qumea, Vivent ​ Creal.

They have all met Innosuisse's strict criteria.

With CardioFlex, we offer a long-term ECG service for the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia. Our Diagnostics-as-a-Service offering also includes RespiFlex and StressCheck, two further diagnostic services for sleep apnoea as well as burnout and stress disorders.

More than 1,000 medical professionals already rely on our diagnostic services. Our diagnostic services are used by general practitioners, cardiologists, pneumologists, occupational physicians and hospitals, and new ones are being added every day. At the same time, evismo's strong team and network of experts and strong partners from business and medicine are growing.

With CardioFlex, we have been proving much more than just 'product market fit' for years. To date, 15,000 patients in Switzerland have used CardioFlex and 75,000 days of ECGs have been recorded and analysed as a result. 

With the backing of the Innosuisse certificate and the strong growth figures, we are confident that we will be able to finalise a successful Series A this year.

Innosuisse recognizes startups envisioned to transform the medical sector

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evismo CardioFlex in the SRF health magazine Puls
CardioFlex measures the heart rhythm and sends the data directly to the specialist.