evismo CardioFlex in the SRF health magazine Puls

CardioFlex measures the heart rhythm and sends the data directly to the specialist.

In Puls from 22 January 2024, they looked for the promised effects of energy drinks on performance and therefore the heart. To ensure that this could actually be tested and medically analysed, the protagonist was equipped with our CardioFlex long-term ECG sensor to test the heart rhythm before and after consuming energy drinks. We also sent the guinea pig a CardioFlex kit for her to use independently at home.

Using the supplied smartphone and step-by-step instructions for attaching the electrodes and the sensor, CardioFlex can be put on and the heart rhythm measurement started in no time at all. Alexander Panos, Co-CEO and Founder explains:

"We offer medical diagnostics for doctors, for GPs, for specialists and for hospitals, so that patients don't have to be shunted around, just their data. We now continuously record your ECG data, i.e. the electrical data of your heart, throughout the day to check how you are reacting. The data is then automatically sent directly to the specialist Dr Richard Kobza, who then carries out the analysis."

Prof. Dr Richard Kobza of cardiopuls is a cardiologist and has been using evismo CardioFlex for long-term ECG measurements on his patients in his practice for some time. Together with the protagonist, they look at the simple overview of the heart rhythm and heart rate in the CardioFlex Dashboard directly on the monitor.

In this specific case, no direct effects on the heart rhythm were found. However, Prof Dr Kobza explains that there are indeed cases where excessive consumption of energy drinks can lead to cardiac arrhythmia.

You can watch the whole SRF Puls report here .

Interview with Dr. med. Eva Schibli-Kaspar, DoktorHaus Fislisbach
Specialist FMH for general internal medicine