for efficient diagnostics in cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Nearly one-third of all deaths can be attributed to cardiovascular disease. Of these deaths, 85% are due to heart attacks and strokes. The same is true for Switzerland. Cardiovascular disease is also the third most common cause of hospitalization in Switzerland. 

To prevent deaths and other serious consequences, the WTO states, «It is important to detect cardiovascular disease as early as possible so that treatment with counseling and medication can begin».

However, current outpatient diagnostics too often fail patients with cardiovascular disease. Diagnostics for outpatients are highly fragmented, from reimbursement to data access and sensor availability. Unconnected medical professionals and outdated technologies lead to slow and cumbersome processes. System-releated barries and inadequate data quality prevent access to appropriate diagnostics and prevent clinicians from making a clear diagnosis and initiating appropriate treatment.

evismo stands for simple patient care and efficient diagnostics

evismo challenges the status quo and rethinks the current silo approach to cardiovascular disease diagnostics. With its first diagnostics service, the CardioFlex long-term ECG, evismo demostrates the possibilities of linking digital innovation, the existing reimbursement system, and the healthcare ecosystem into a easy-to-use-full-service solution. With CardioFlex, evismo has not only digitized long-term ECG monitoring - from 24 hours to 30 days - but also taken it a step forward.

evismo works with the latest ECG sensors and has developed a powerful software solution to manage and analyze recorded data. The recorded ECG data is automatically and continuously transmitted, allowing the connected Swiss cardiology teams to offer a daily cardiology diagnosis remotely. The diagnostic report is made available online to the prescribing physician so that physicians and patients receive meaningful results in the shortest possible time with fewer physician visits.

With this barrier-free access and evismo's full-service approach, more primary care providers and specialized healthcare providers have access, more patients benefit from a diagnosis and faster treatment, preventing (serious) outcomes.


Diagnostics-as-a-Service becomes the new normal

The Swiss healthcare system is ripe to realize its full potential through digital innovation. evismo enables this by simplifying data flow, transmission, and access. evismo's digital service approach for primary care physicians and specialists enables all healthcare professionals involved to access data from anywhere. In addition, evismo creates better diagnostics for the prediction and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Thanks to the digitization of the ECG service, evismo can analyze large amounts of data. Combined with artificial intelligence, evismo aims not only to detect cardiovascular diseases in the future, but even to predict and prevent them.

All of this is only possible by using digital innovation to improve outcomes and doing so cost-effectively. With its first-of-its-kind service, evismo provides easy access and rapid diagnoses and treatment recommendations remotely, making the patient care process much more efficient. No more constant back and forth with analog sensors. No more manually uploading fragmented data. No more need to unnecessarily refer patients to specialists because of limited access to diagnostic tools

Finally, the diagnostics each patient demands and deserves are provided - in Switzerland and beyond.

monvia x evismo
The Monvia health centers rely on evismo CardioFlex