Overview evismo-CardioFlex 

evismo-CardioFlex is a long-term ECG which allows maximum diagnostic accuracy of cardiac arrhythmias with every first application. This is achieved through the daily data analysis and the flexible monitoring duration of one to 30 days.

For the daily data evaluation evismo remotely accesses the ECG data in order to check whether sufficient clinically relevant information is available for the diagnosis. The daily data check and ECG analysis run, until a diagnosis can be provided. The ECG device is therefore worn as short as possible, but as long as necessary. Depending on the situation, this can be hours, days or weeks. The patient is informed through the app when the sensor can be removed.

Final assessment and diagnosis are carried out by the referring cardiologist or by an evismo cardiologist from the Swiss evismo service centre.

With this individually tailored monitoring duration, CardioFlex:

  • improves the diagnostic accuracy from currently 10% with a 24/48-hour Holter to 5% and more*, (Quelle: Steinberg et al, 2017 ISHNE-HRS expert consensus statement on ambulatory ECG and external cardiac monitoring/telemetry),

  • maximises diagnostic yield while minimising monitoring time,

  • avoids multiple ECG monitoring sessions,

  • increases patient satisfaction and reduces total diagnostic costs. 

Highest wearing comfort is offered by the very small, waterproof and comfortable ECG device, which is worn unobtrusively on 2-5 electrodes or a patch.

The procedure is simple for physicians and patients  

CardioFlex is designed for data quality and patient comfort.

The CardioFlex package received at the practice or at home contains:

  • the ECG device, also called recorder

  • electrodes and

  • a telephone for data transmission.

The convenient, lightweight, waterproof ECG-sensor continuously measures ECG- and movement data and automatically transmits it to the evismo platform. The qualified personnel of the evismo service centre analyses the data daily for the most important arrhythmias.
As soon as a diagnosis can be made, the patient can remove the sensor. The final assessment and diagnosis is carried out by the referring cardiologist or by an evismo cardiologist from the Swiss evismo service centre. 

Our range of services includes the following options 

In addition to CardioFlex, evismo offers a traditional Holter and an online event monitor.

Do you prefer to stay with known methods but use new technology? Then we offer:

  • evismo-Holter – physicians determine the monitoring duration, the system is dispatched and the patient wears the comfortable, waterproof device for an optimal arrhythmia detection.

  • evismo-Online-Eventmonitor - for symptomatic and irregular complaints.

All services include a modern ECG measuring device, data transmission technology and online access to all data. We offer the same diagnostic options as CardioFlex.